ALA Scientific Instruments, Inc.

ALA Scientific Instruments, Inc.

Address: 60 Marine St., Farmingdale , New York, United States, 11735



Phone: 631-393-6401

Choosing the right components for demanding applications requires knowledge of instruments and science. As manufacturers (perfusion devices, HSPC pressure clamp, microforges, temperature controllers, recording & imaging chambers, & more) and distributors (npi, Axon, Sutter, Narishige, TMC, 3Brain) of instruments for patch clamp and cellular electrophysiology, our scientists/engineers have decades of experience assembling systems and building custom setups. We focus on your equipment needs so you can focus on your research goals. Working in fMRI? Check out BrainDancer, the first commercial Dynamic Phantom for calibrating fMRI for correction of scanner-specific signal distortion and normalization across scanner platforms for large-scale research studies.