Animal Care Systems Inc.

Animal Care Systems Inc.

Address: 7086 S. Revere Pkwy., Centennial , Colorado, United States, 80112



Phone: 720-283-0177

Animal Care Systems is the only caging equipment company founded by a Ph.D., DVM neuroscientist. Our unique motor-free carousel design not only provides the highest and most ergonomic cage density in the industry, it also ensures a variable-free microenvironment that is free of noise, vibration, and ultrasound. Our exclusive airflow system directs and filters room air through the cages and racks directly into the building’s HVAC exhaust system. This technology delivers adequate, yet calm, laminar airflow that provides an environment ideal for housing, experiments, and breeding.  

Animal Care Systems continuously aspires to broaden our capabilities as a diversified single-source provider of a variety of products and services in the biomedical community. Strategic partnerships allow us to solve complex challenges that help our customers become more successful and supported.

Our strategic partners are: Alternative Design Manufacturing & Supply, Park Bio, Medres, and Ares Scientific.