Aptamer Group

Aptamer Group

Address: 2nd Floor, Bio Centre, Innovation Way , United Kingdom, YO10 5NY

Website: http://www.aptamergroup.com

Email: hannah.richardson@aptamergroup.com

Phone: +44 (0) 1904567790

Aptamer Group is the developer of custom affinity tools for the life science industry through its proprietary Optimer® platform.

Optimer binders are nucleic acid-based affinity ligands that can be used as an antibody alternative to offer novel solutions and improvements to current processes across the therapeutic, diagnostic, bioprocessing and research sectors. The Optimer platform consists of three parallel processes optimized for target type to enable scientists with the best affinity ligand for small molecules, proteins or cell targets.

Offering rapid development in just weeks, full platform compatibility and tuneable binding kinetics to ensure desired end-use performance, Optimer binders are enabling new insights and new molecules to progress life science for better healthcare for all.

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