Bortec Biomedical

Bortec Biomedical

Address: 239 Springborough Way, Calgary , Alberta, Canada, T3H 5M8



Bortec Biomedical Ltd. (Bortec) is a research device solutions provider developing advanced clinical research tools based on electromyographic (EMG) signal acquisition and analysis. For over 12 years, the founders of Bortec have manufactured and distributed the AMT-8, an advanced electronic device used by clinical and academic researchers throughout North America and Europe.

The AMT-8 has earned a reputation in the medical research field and educational institutions as a system that is both cutting edge and reliable. Bortec combines its ability to develop and manufacture advanced electronic equipment with a high level of expertise in physiological signal measurement and analysis.

This combination of abilities provides the foundation for Bortec to capitalize on new opportunities by developing broad-market clinical applications. Bortec’s product development focus will be on new diagnostic products.