C-Motion, Inc.

C-Motion, Inc.

Address: 20030 Century Blvd, Suite 104A, Germantown , Maryland, United States, 20874

Website: http://www.c-motion.com

Email: info@c-motion.com

C-Motion, Inc. is the global leader in software tools for research biomechanics. Their goal is to enhance the value of 3D motion capture systems to improve patient outcomes, improve sports performance, reduce injuries, and generally improve lives. They do this by providing the mathematical tools that researchers and other professionals need to improve their decision making.

C-Motion’s focus is on software, and they add value to all hardware solutions capable of collecting movement data and associated measurements. For example, Visual3D is hardware independent, marker set independent, analytically extensible, and has the most capable biomechanical modeling functionality available. Visual3D provides research validated, consistent results from 3D motion capture data. Its analytical power makes it a compelling product for movement assessments and visualizing 3D data. It is used for measuring movement and performance for physical therapies, animal research, sports performance and injury prevention, virtual reality activities, pre and post surgical assessments, and many other applications.