CD Leycom

CD Leycom

Address: Asveldweg 2, Hengelo , Netherlands, 7556 BP



At CD Leycom, we are passionate about the discovery of underlying characteristics of Heart Failure, structural heart disease, congenital diseases, and hemodynamic function through advanced pressure-volume loop hemodynamics. CD Leycom provides the world’s only clinical pressure-volume loop system, The Inca System, which is approved for human use. This technology is actively being used worldwide by various “Hemodynamic Centers of Excellence” that choose to be on the front-line in battling cardiovascular disease.

In addition, CD Leycom provides both single-ventricle and bi-ventricular PV loop systems for pre-clinical use, The Sigma-M series, which adds unique comprehensive hemodynamic monitoring capabilities to any pre-clinical research center or basic science lab.  These systems utilize high-fidelity, clinical-grade conductance catheters, providing confidence in your data and streamlining your surgical workflow.