Hera BioLabs

Hera BioLabs

Address: 2277 Thunderstick Dr., #500, Lexington , Kentucky, United States, 40505

Website: https://www.herabiolabs.com/

Hera BioLabs is an innovative pre-clinical contract services, products & licensing company. Our mission is to use cutting-edge gene-editing technologies to accelerate pre-clinical research and drug development. Whether your focus is on xenograft/PDX drug efficacy studies, gene editing, or research model creation, our team can help boost your preclinical research.

Using our gene editing tools, Hera built the SRG™ platform, a double knockout Sprague-Dawley rat engineered for T-cell, B-cell, and NK cell deficiency. Our first SRG model is the SRG OncoRat®, larger and a valuable complement and in some cases alternative to oncology studies in mice, OncoRat is uniquely suited for xenograft oncology studies given its excellent tumor take-rates and smooth transition from efficacy to safety. Animal studies are conducted by our experienced staff in our on-site vivarium that features a dual HEPA-filtered, disposable IVC rodent caging system.

We’re continuing to use our proprietary Cas-CLOVER CRISPR system and piggyBac gene-editing technologies and know-how to expand our robust pipeline of models and services. Our current animal models creation efforts are supporting immuno-oncology with a humanized SRG Model – the ImmunoRat™ and in pharmacology and toxicology with a humanized hepatocyte SRG Model – HepatoRat™.

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