Intan Technologies, LLC

Intan Technologies, LLC

Address: 8726 S Sepulveda Blvd., Ste. D2121, Los Angeles , California, United States



Phone: 424-227-8727

Intan Technologies produces specialized integrated circuits for biological sensing and stimulation. Intan’s innovative low-power microchips acquire electrophysiological signals such as EMG, ECG/EKG, ECoG, EEG, neural action potentials, local field potentials, and intracellular voltages and currents. These chips are revolutionizing the development of biopotential monitoring systems by miniaturizing many low-noise amplifiers, stimulators, and digitizers onto a tiny silicon chip. Intan creates chips for extracellular recording and stimulation as well as intracellular patch-clamp recordings. Electronics that once required large circuit boards now fits on the tip of a finger.