iWorx Systems Inc.

iWorx Systems Inc.

Address: 62 Littleworth Road, Dover , New Hampshire, United States, 3820

Website: https://www.iworx.com

Email: info@iworx.com

iWorx provides a full range of advanced hardware and software tools for physiology teaching and research.

For teaching, iWorx has introduced its new family of easy-to-use TA (Teaching Assistant) kits for human, animal, exercise and psychological physiology and neurobiology. The kits include all instrumentation, software, and professionally developed courseware to teach college level labs.

iWorx advanced research solutions include high performance recording hardware, software, and components that accelerate metabolic, cardiovascular, neuromuscular and respiratory physiology research. In addition to data acquisition systems, iWorx offers a full selection of signal conditioners, stimulators, transducers, electrodes, cables, and general-purpose laboratory equipment and accessories.