Jali Medical Inc.

Jali Medical Inc.

Address: 330 Bear Hill Rd., Waltham , Massachusetts, United States, 02451

Website: https://www.jalimedical.com/

Email: tonette@jalimedical.com

Phone: 781-376-0008

Jali Medical Inc. is an established neuromodulation technology provider working with scientists and clinicians at well recognized research institutions, biotechnology companies and government agencies. Their neuroscience experts work alongside groups to assess equipment needs, institutional ethics requirements and protocol development to quickly get projects started. We work with innovative medical device companies offering holistic solutions for transcranial magnetic stimulation, transcranial electrical stimulation, image based neuronavigation, EEG, EMG, eyetracking, and robotic assessment tools. Their partners include Rogue Research, Deymed, Brainbox, Jaltron, neuroConn, Newronika, EB Neuro, Bittium, ANT Neuro, Delsys, Ergoneers, and KinArm.