Jordi Labs

Jordi Labs

Address: 200 Gilbert Street, Mansfield, MA , United States


Phone: +1 (833) 888 0224

Jordi Labs was founded in 1980 on the core principles of integrity, excellence, and innovation. In our forty-year history, we have helped clients across the world overcome unique analytical chemistry challenges by offering solutions for customers in any industry.

High-performance laboratory instrumentation, tailor-made analytical services managed by specialist Ph.D. chemists, and our ability to deliver with speed and accuracy have made us world leaders in the field of advanced analytical chemistry. With a dedicated team of experienced chemists and laboratory technicians, we can help you solve even the most complex analytical chemistry problems the Jordi Way.

  • Analytical Services: We believe in and our committed to using world class analytical chemistry expertise to solve our customers’ toughest problems. We can assist in your analytical chemistry requirements if you have reached your capacity. The team can offer insights based on years of combined experience in challenging chemical testing environments. Jordi is equipped with the most advanced tools available, providing total confidence in the quality and integrity of our results.
  • Products: We manufacture and supply a comprehensive line of HPLC columns for common and niche forms of liquid chromatography. Both preparative and analytical columns are available, using a novel polymeric packaging media for the highest possible resolution in size exclusion chromatography (SEC).

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