Kaha Sciences

Kaha Sciences

Address: 77 Vogel Street, Dunedin , New Zealand, 9016

Website: https://www.kahasciences.com/

Kaha Sciences sets the new standard in quality and power for implantable, wireless telemetry in rats and mice. The best telemetry option for research scientists, record continuous data from freely moving animals across extended periods with accuracy, reliability and sensitivity. Kaha telemeters can record true high-fidelity signals such as ventricular and arterial pressures, sympathetic nerve activity (SNA), biopotentials (e.g. ECG, EMG & EEG), and tissue oxygen.

Kaha Sciences telemetry products have been around for over 10 years and have been extensively used globally in academic and research institutions as well as biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. The patented wireless power technology along with a Mikro-TipTM catheter (Millar Inc.) containing the solid-state sensor at the catheter tip, was the first product of its type. This provides customers with the ability and confidence to measure long-term, highly accurate and sensitive recordings from intracardiac through to intracranial pressures. The product range has grown to include specific and unique devices such as tissue oxygen and SNA/Pressure telemeters.

From February 12 2021, Kaha Sciences is a brand of ADInstruments NZ Ltd. ADInstruments gives researchers access to a trusted global sales and support network with over 30 year of industry experience.

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