Kerr Scientific Instruments

Kerr Scientific Instruments

Address: P.O. Box 62613, Greenlane, Auckland , New Zealand, 1546



Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Kerr Scientific Instruments is a designer and manufacturer of Brain Slice and Tissue Recording Systems for teaching, education and research. Kerr Scientific Instruments is an innovative company with a strong research and development focus.

The Kerr Tissue Recording System™ is a laboratory instrument (brain slice and tissue recording chamber, with accessories) that allows the user to record and rapidly assess the effects of drugs and toxins on living, electrically excitable tissue preparations.

The Kerr Tissue Recording System™ has been used in the Kerr Lab, University of Otago, New Zealand to analyze the in vitro effects of drugs and neurotoxins on brain slices, cardiac tissue, skeletal muscle and retina.

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