Maze Engineers

Maze Engineers

Address: 6 Liberty Square #2321, Boston , Massachusetts, United States, 02109



We make unique mazes at the exact same cost as off the shelf ones. This way, it fits exactly what you need. No mazes too small for strains, lingering odors cues stuck in hard to clean areas, and other major design flaws that affect reproducibility. Also, unique mazes help you publish new protocol papers and standards if you have an idea. I think this key in furthering the techniques used in neurobehavior.

Well designed modular mazes: They are quiet, non reflective, and modular, so you can add rewards, punishments, activity wheels/treadmills, and anything in your imagination. We put it together in the factory before shipping it to you so its easy and convenient.

Smart Mazes: we create algorithms that help the maze function based on a rodent’s choices in real time. Rodents can modulate how the experiments run based on their current performance. Imagine the possibilities of a smart maze dueling with your rodent.