Address: Altrottstrasse 31, Walldorf , Germany, 69190



Phone: +49 6227 381 126

Devices developed, manufactured and distributed by MDE GmbH provide the highest level of solutions for physiological and pharmacological research with a large selection of sensors, amplifiers and storage software. Our company offers fully configured systems and unique accessories for CARDIAC, VASCULAR, NEUROLOGICAL and GASTROENTEROLOGICAL research. We provide further assistance to our customers with the appropriate technical installation and methodological training of the purchased devices. The sensors make the systems and devices applicable for research on any lab species (e.g.: mouse, rat, guinea pig, rabbit, dog, zebrafish, etc.).

  • Complete Systems: providing in-vivo and in-vitro methodological background for research fields
  • Data collecting and processing systems: specially designed for physiological research fields (cardiovascular, in-vitro isolated organ, neurology) to receive signals from any measurement unit
  • Amplifiers and Stimulators: in addition to high amplification, low noise figure and high degree of stability
  • Devices: parts of our complete systems, match the amplifiers and sensors of other manufacturers
  • Lab Equipment and Accessories: sensors, glass technology, manipulators and other laboratory devices (e.g.: operating tables, holders, animal boxes, etc.).

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