Mightex Systems

Mightex Systems

Address: 201-111 Railside Rd., Toronto , Ontario, Canada, M3A 1B2

Website: https://www.mightexbio.com/

Email: sales@mightex.com

Phone: 925-218-1885

Mightex develops cutting-edge all-optical imaging and optogenetics tools to enable researchers to push the boundaries of neuroscience. Their Polygon pattern illuminator can be mounted on any microscope for cellular-resolution optogenetics. For in vivo studies, researchers can perform simultaneous calcium imaging and cellular-resolutions optogenetics in freely-behaving animals using our OASIS Implant. Image large cortical areas with targeted optogenetics in a head-fixed animal using our OASIS Macro. Mightex has solutions to meet all your imaging and optogenetic needs.