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Contact Information
2 Central Street, Level 01, Suite 01, Framingham, Massachusetts, USA 01701
Phone: 1-508-861-7444

Mouse Specifics, Inc. is a leader in the development of novel phenotyping instruments for describing the effects of genes and drugs in mouse models. Our instruments enable rapid identification of gene function and drug benefit in conscious rodents. We focus on high-throughput characterization of conscious laboratory animals, yet our mission underscores refinement, replacement, and reduction of animal use in research.

In 1999, we introduced e-MOUSETM, a Web-based physiological signal analyses tool and database to improve laboratory efficiencies in the collection and analyses of physiological signals. In 2000, we introduced the ECGenieTM ECG Screening System a truly high-throughput animal physiology screen, for recording electrocardiograms in conscious mice without the need for restraint, anesthesia, or surgery.