Nanion Technologies GmbH

Nanion Technologies GmbH

Address: Ganghoferstr. 70A, Munich , Germany, D-80339



Phone: +49 89 2190 95-0

Nanion is a leading provider of automated patch clamp (APC) electrophysiology systems with throughput capabilities ranging from a single cell up to fully automated high throughput screening (HTS) instruments recording from 384 cells simultaneously. Founded in 2002, Nanion has expanded its product range over the years to include in vitro systems for membrane pump and transporter recordings, bilayer recordings, and contractility measurements (impedance) from beating monolayers of cells, e.g. induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiac myocytes (iPSC-CMs), and confluency measurements of, e.g. hepatocytes for hepatotox screening using impedance.