Neurescence Inc.

Neurescence Inc.

Address: 100 College ST, Unit #502, Toronto , Ontario, Canada, M5G 1L5



Phone: +1 (647) 865 2098

Neurescence has created and commercialized a miniature microscope for functional imaging of neuronal circuits. The Quartet® is a hardware-software system and the only technology that enables a causal connection between neuronal short and long rage circuitry and disease phenotype. It includes 4 highly flexible, light weight and miniature probes with a special focusing capability that enables imaging of the brain and the spinal cord as the subject freely moves around.

Quartet® can be combined with other modalities, such as e-phys and optogenetics and can be MRI compatible.  Our initial target market is neuroscience research and we are concurrently pursuing its use in CNS commercial drug development. We combine the power of novel optical imaging technology with advanced machine learning and quantum machine learning techniques to enhance neurodegenerative, motor and mood disorder drug development.

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