Address: 16 Miles St, Mulgrave, Victoria , Australia, 3170

Website: https://www.optiscan.com

Email: info@optiscan.com

Phone: +61 (3) 9538 3333

Optiscan is a global leader in miniaturised confocal microscopes and microscopic imaging technologies for the life sciences.

Their flagship product, ViewnVivo, is a hand-held, real-time fluorescence microscope platform combining the latest generation of Optiscan’s cutting edge imaging technology and great flexibility, offering the ability to dynamically adjust imaging parameters using a single probe in the same procedure. With precise depth control from 400 μm, automated 3D Z-Stack technology and the ability to capture images retroactively using ‘roll-back’ functionality, ViewnVivo is a powerful preclinical tool for imaging tissue in vivo.

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