Park Bio

Park Bio

Address: 154 Center Street, Groveland , Massachusetts, United States, 01834



Phone: 1-978-794-8500

In 1997, recognizing both the lack of focus on customer needs, as well as the opportunity to improve the design of isolators currently on the market, Frank Razzaboni began listening to the end user and building exactly what they wanted. Over the past 22 years, Frank has built an impeccable reputation throughout the industry and developed relationships worldwide. His hard work has led to great success for all of his customers, and ultimately, his (partial) retirement in 2019.

Peter and Ben Prime transitioned from medical device manufacturing and purchased the business from Frank Razzaboni in 2019 with the same fundamental goals; design, build, test, and deliver exactly what the customer wants. While Frank remains on board as a consultant, a fresh set of eyes has brought about certain improvements, such as some design changes to improve fit and functionality, strategic alliances with vendors to improve access to raw materials and a new CAD system which provides customers a 3D drawing to better understand what the final product will look like, as well as the ability to more accurately and realistically lay out a specific lab space. These additions, combined with a desire to exceed Frank’s renowned level of customer service, leads to a very powerful vendor-client foundation; enhancing the design and build phases, reducing lead times and minimizing potential issues with this customizable process.