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With more than 20 years of experience in the field of electrophysiology and neuroscience, and experience designing more than 100 products, ScienceBeam helps clinicians and researchers all over the globe to step forward in their careers using our innovative solutions.

Our team includes more than 40 researchers, neuroscientists, physiologists, and psychologists who work next to our professional computer and electronic engineers. We believe that technological breakthroughs can be achieved only by warm cooperation between scientists and engineers. ScienceBeam manufactures a variety of electrophysiology devices for research and clinical use. We design and produce a full range of bio-signal recording systems, including EEG, EMG, and EEG signals, to 128 channels in human and animal models. Furthermore, hundreds of clinics use our Neuro-Biofeedback, Auditory Brain Response (ABR), Visual Evoke Potential (VEP), and Polysomnography devices.

Some of our achievements include: setting up more than 1000 electrophysiology laboratories; holding more than 200 workshops in Iran, China, UAE, Russia; more than 2000 ISI research papers published using our products; awarding 110,000 USD as equipment grant to researchers within 2018-2019 to promote and establish new electrophysiology labs in various countries such as Pakistan, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Turkey; having a great network of neuroscientists, electrophysiologists, and neuropsychologists around the world.