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Contact Information
145 Graham Ave, Lexington, Kentucky, USA 40506
Phone: +1 (888) 261 5149

Signal Solutions, LLC designs and manufactures high-throughput, non-invasive signal processing hardware and software solutions for animal studies. We understand the importance in making data collection and analysis accessible, accurate and efficient. Automation through innovation is our focus, and providing simpler and cost-effective methods to facilitate research. We develop solutions for animal-based studies that mirror results from conventional means all in a completely non-invasive process.  We continue to broaden our applications of hardware development and signal analysis to other areas of physiological monitoring to meet customer needs.

Currently, we offer the following solutions… go to to learn more:

Complete SystemSensors & AccessoriesSoftware
Calamari 8-Channel SystemTube AmplifierPiezoSleep Software
SquidBox 16-channel SystemCablesSleepStats Data Explorer Software
SquidBox 32-channel SystemPVDF Sensors (MSI)
SquidBox 64-channel SystemMouse Cage Shields