Triangle BioSystems International

Triangle BioSystems International

Address: 108-2224 Page Rd., Durham , North Carolina, United States, 27703



Triangle Biosystems International is a biomedical device company focused on developing and manufacturing hardware and software solutions for application in animal-centric neuroscience research where bio-monitoring, recording, and stimulation functions are needed.

Our total product solutions are engineered for simplicity. We like to envision our products as being as plug-and-play as possible. Using industry standard connectors for interfacing to electrodes, internal base-station cable connections, and a USB output to your computer or software, a TBSI recording solution is exactly what you need to start collecting data quickly and easily.

Together with our Smart Ephys partner brands HEKA, Multi Channel Systems, and Warner Instruments as well as our well-established distribution partners, we provide complete solutions for electrophysiology research and serve laboratories, research institutes and the pharmaceutical industry all over the world. For more information please visit

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