Worthington Biochemical Corporation

Worthington Biochemical Corporation

Address: 730 Vassar Ave., Lakewood , New Jersey, United States, 08701

Website: http://www.worthington-biochem.com/default.html

Email: custservice@worthington-biochem.com

Phone: 732-942-1660

Worthington’s Papain, Neural (Papain) Cell Isolation Kit, Trypsins and Collagenases are widely used for efficient isolation of neural, neural stem and other cell types.
Worthington is an ISO9001 Certified primary manufacturer of enzymes for Cell Biology, Neural Cell Isolation & Tissue Dissociation and Molecular Biology including Nucleases (DNase/RNase), Proteases, Nucleic Acids, Proteins and other Cell Isolation Kits. They also manufacture Animal Free Enzymes (e.g., Collagenase, Nucleases, Proteases).