Organize and Streamline Data Collection with DMC LabBook

Organize and Streamline Data Collection with DMC LabBook

During this four part Tech Cast series Matt Borkowski from Aurora Scientific addresses the latest innovations to their Dynamic Muscle Control and Analysis Software (DMC LabBook). Matt gives an overview of the program before talking about the three core functions and improvements to the software: study management, the visual experiment editor, and the pre-launch window, and going for a deeper dive into each one with a complete software demonstration.

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Matt Borkowski

Sales & Support Manager
Aurora Scientific
[email protected]

Matthew Borkowski is a biomedical engineer and a graduate of the University of Toronto. He has been involved in product design and customer support at Aurora Scientific for over 10 years. Today, he spends much of his time in the lab consulting with scientists, assisting with novel application of Aurora Scientific instruments in various disciplines, including muscle, tendon, and connective tissue research.

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