Video Interview // IonOptix Cardiac Slice System

During the 2023 American Physiological Society Summit hosted in Long Beach, California, I was able to sit down with Joe Soughayer, Business Development Manager at IonOptix, to discuss innovations in instrumentation that are enabling groundbreaking strides in physiological research.

Joe highlighted their new Cardiac Slice System, which enables precise force measurement and control, offering advantages such as preserving tissue architecture, ease of preparation, and real-time data acquisition at high sampling frequencies, ultimately providing researchers with reliable and reproducible data for studying mechanical properties of the heart.

Quick Facts

  • cardiac slices are easier to prepare than other models
  • enables measurements that would not be possible with other models
  • more reliable and reproducible data
  • measure calcium and force simultaneously
  • characterize cardiac tissue elastance and compliance
  • control force by clamping the preload and after load during force measurements
  • real time data acquisition
  • turnkey system with necessary accessories included

The IonOptix Cardiac Slice System is designed to enable everything from preparation to data acquisition to data analysis. Click to learn more about this truly turnkey solution for calcium, force, and mechanical work in cardiac slices.

Check out this follow up interview with Joe Soughayer to learn more about IonOptix, their innovative approach, commitment to supporting researchers, and goals of becoming the gold standard in cardiovascular research instruments.  READ MORE…

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As a company of scientists, IonOptix is committed to supporting preclinical researchers around the world on their quest to better understand cellular and tissue mechanics, cardiovascular function and related disease. We specialize in precision life science instrumentation optimized for studying isolated cardiomyocytes, muscle tissue, blood vessels and tissue culture.

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