Bruker @ ISMRM – Scientific Workshop


Structure and Function of The Brain

In this session, Klaus Scheffler will present a keynote lecture focusing on investigation of multiple levels of brain organization. Hao Huang and Seong-Gi Kim will expand on new findings with fMRI, before Joanes Grandjean explains the importance of standardization of fMRI studies. In a panel discussion, the speakers will then discuss the open challenges of fMRI and where its potential lies.

An Exploration of Metabolic Imaging

In this session, Arend Heerschap will provide a keynote lecture on spectroscopy. Greg Stanisz will then provide an overview of practical applications of metabolic imaging methods. Marty Pagel will expand on CEST imaging and Kayvan Keshari continue with a discussion on hyperpolarization. During the panel discussion, the speakers will discuss what the future holds for various metabolic imaging methods, and where they see the greatest potential for employment.

Morning – Brain and Brain Function

Part 1 Title Speaker
09:00 Introduction & Welcome Wulf Jung
09:10 Keynote: Where High Fields Matter: Investigating the brain at multiple levels of organization Klaus Scheffler
09:45 Guest Lecture: Animal brain MRI in ultra-high field Hao Huang
10:10 BREAK
Part 2 Title Speaker
10:20 Bruker MRI and NMI News Tim Wokrina
11:05 Bruker Award Winner TBD
11:20 Guest Lecture: Mouse fMRI at Ultrahigh fields Seong-Gi Kim
11:45 BREAK
Part 3 Title Speaker
11:55 Guest Lecture: This is how rodent fMRI is done – A community take on functional imaging in animal models Joanes Grandjean
12:20 Panel Discussion: Unmet Needs and Challenges of fMRI ALL
12:40 Closing Remarks Wulf Jung

** All times are listed in Central European Summer Time (UTC +2)

Afternoon – Metabolic Imaging

Part 1 Title Speaker
17:00 Introduction & Welcome Wulf Jung
17:10 Keynote: More than water… Arend Heerschap
17:45 Guest Lecture: ‘Metabolic’ imaging in animal models of disease using a Bruker system Greg Stanisz
18:10 BREAK
Part 2 Title Speaker
18:20 Bruker MRI and NMI News Tim Wokrina
Mette Lauritzen
19:05 Bruker Award Winner TBD
19:20 Guest Lecture: CEST MRI: Practical considerations and useful applications Marty Pagel
19:45 BREAK
Part 3 Title Speaker
19:55 Guest Lecture: Metabolic Imaging with Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance Kayvan Keshari
20:20 Panel Discussion: Future of Metabolic Imaging ALL
20:40 Closing Remarks Wulf Jung

** All times are listed in Central European Summer Time (UTC +2)

Guest Speakers

Klaus Scheffler, PhD

Director – Department of Biomedical Magnetic Resonance
University of Tübingen


Arend Heerschap, PhD

Professor – Department of Radiology
Radboud University Medical Center

Hao Huang

Hao Huang, PhD
Faculty Director – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Associate Professor of Radiology – Perelman School of Medicine

Seong-Gi Kim

Seong-Gi Kim, PhD
Neuroscience Imaging Research Center
Institute for Basic Science (IBS)


Joanes Grandjean, PhD
Assistant Professor
Departments of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, and Cognitive Neuroscience
Radboud University Medical Centre


Greg Stanisz, PhD,
Senior Scientist – Sunnybrook Research Institute
Professor – University of Toronto


Kayvan R. Keshari, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Radiology
Molecular Pharmacology Program
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Mark Pagel, PhD
Department of Cancer Systems Imaging and Imaging Physics
MD Anderson Cancer Center
University of Texas