Cutting Edge Conversations 2022

Cutting Edge Conversations 2022, along with its affiliate brands InsideScientific and HealthEconomics.Com, are pleased to present this year’s Cutting Edge Conversations series.

This webinar series offers a deep dive into specific research areas and focused insights regarding market-relevant processes from respected firms in the industry. Each meeting focuses on a specific challenge and showcases the innovative approaches of different research organizations. During the live Q&A session, all attendees can participate in a lively discussion on the given problem and solutions.


Addressing Orphan and Rare Diseases

February 15, 2022 

There are over 7,000 rare and orphan diseases known to impact approximately 1 in 17 individuals globally, or 50 million in the EU and USA alone. The development of safe, effective, and accessible therapies against these diseases has been challenged by manufacturing, clinical and regulatory hurdles. Despite these obstacles, increased awareness, greater funding, and new research technologies are driving discoveries in this area. Join this webinar to learn how various research groups are working in this space.

joe zabinski

Joseph Zabinski, PhD, MEM
Senior Director, AI and Precision Medicine
AI and Precision Medicine

Jonathan Kish

Jonathan Kish, PhD, MPH
Senior Director
Real-World Evidence and Insights
Cardinal Health

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Cardinal Health

Addressing COVID-19 During Uncertainty

April 26, 2022

The disease area that has received the most attention, time, and financial support during the last two years has been COVID-19. There has been tremendous emphasis on addressing the new challenges presented during this global pandemic, including rapid vaccine development, effective patient treatments, supplying reliable testing methods, and providing equitable healthcare access for diverse populations. Participate to learn about innovations that have been recently developed for the fight against SARS-CoV-2.

Hayley Crawford

Hayley Crawford, PhD
Research Scientist
Integral Molecular

Carl Marci

Carl Marci, MD
Chief Psychiatrist & Managing Director
Mental Health & Neuroscience

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Integral Molecular

Discovering New Innovations in Oncology

May 31, 2022

Cancer is a diverse class of diseases, making it difficult for scientists to discover new drugs, novel therapies, and personalized approaches. Despite these challenges, researchers, clinicians, and industry partners continue their efforts to improve patient outcomes. Attend this webinar to learn about recent progress in cancer research, including novel treatments, experimental therapies, and drug development.

David Bunka

David Bunka, PhD
Chief Technical Officer
Aptamer Group

Cathie Miller

Cathie G. Miller, PhD
Senior Director of Product Marketing, Personalized Medicine Marketing

Henry Sebesta2

Henry Sebesta
Product & BD Manager
Product Development
KromaTiD, Inc.

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Aptamer Group

Fighting Neurodegenerative Diseases

June 28, 2022

As populations around the world age, the prevalence of neurodegenerative diseases continues to increase. Finding ways to slow, disrupt, or reverse neurodegeneration will depend on continuing research innovation to better understand the processes of aging and decline. Join this webinar to hear how PicnicHealth is using real-world data to transform neurodegeneration research.

Evelyn Pyper

Evelyn Pyper, MPH
Senior Evidence Strategy Manager
Life Sciences Partnerships

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