WEBINAR SERIES – PV Loops to Measure Cardiac Function 2014


Known as the gold standard for hemodynamic research and cardiac function, “PV Loops” are an essential tool for cardiovascular research.

This series includes events that cover all the physiology essentials, available technologies and their theory of operations, methodology and best-practices and a number of case studies in various research models.

Thank you to all presenters and sponsors that made this program possible!
To view webinars from this series on-demand, please visit the individual event pages listed below.

  • Rodent and large animal research models
  • Fundamentals of cardiac physiology
  • Preload, afterload, contractility and lusitropy
  • Cardiac dysfunction and remodeling
  • Myocardial Infarction
  • Trans-aortic Constriction / Banding
  • Models of Hypertension
  • Cardiac Resynchronization
  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy
  • Working with single cells to create “Work Loops”
  • Surgical monitoring for invasive cardiovascular
  • Data collection and analysis best-practices
  • Clinical applications of PV Loop research
  • Conductance and Admittance PV catheters
  • Multi-segment PV catheters for large animal and clinical research applications
  • PV Loop Analysis software
  • Surgical monitoring equiptment
  • Ventilators and anesthesia delivery systems
  • Myocyte holders and force transducers
  • Associated hemodynamic tools including pressure, flow and ECG sensors