WEBINAR SERIES – Recording Neuronal Activity in Animal Models


In this webinar series we offer a comprehensive overview of technology and methods for recording and analyzing extracellular action potentials, local field potentials and EEG in a variety of research models.

In addition, experts will discuss integration of technologies for sleep scoring and seizure detection, behavioral protocols and optogenetics studies.

Partners & Sponsors

Data Sciences International
Cambridge NeuroTech

Advances in research instrumentation for neuroscience have provided scientists with a multitude of technologies for monitoring neuronal activity in both anesthetized and awake freely moving animals. Learn how recent advances in hardware design, software development and integration with electrode arrays have increased the capabilities of neurophysiologists and pharmacologist interested in sleep research, seizure detection, learning and memory and the effects of pharmaceutical test compounds on the central nervous system.

Participants will discover how various hardware and software systems can be used to streamline and automate sleep scoring routines for sleep studies, facilitate seizure detection in animal models and aid in a variety of behavioral paradigms. In recent years, the ability to integrate various biosensors, an array of other physiological transducers and methods for neural stimulation and optogenetics have created tremendous opportunities for scientists to expand their scientific protocols and capture a tremendous amount of data in the field of neuroscience research.

Thank you to all presenters and sponsors that made this program possible!
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  • Sleep studies/scoring
  • Epilepsy research/seizure detection
  • Sensory processing
  • Learning and memory
  • Brain injury
  • Social interaction
  • Motor function and disorders of locomotion
  • Drug screening and pharmacological testing
  • Pharmacological Testing
  • Optogenetics
  • Wireless technology for recording extracellular spikes, local field potentials and EEG
  • Tethered systems for studying neuronal activity
  • Sleep scoring and seizure detection automation software
  • Wireless optogenetics and electrical stimulation systems
  • Acquisition and analysis software for spike detection and sorting
  • High density and multichannel recording systems utilizing multielectrode arrays (MEAs) and surface electrodes
  • Neural activity integrated with peripheral signals – physiological transducers, biosensors, video

Program Coordinator:

Andy Henton

Andy Henton
Director, InsideScientific
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To discuss participation in this series as a presenter or sponsor, email: info@insidescientific.com