Webinar Category: Neuroscience

  • Understanding the Peripheral Nervous System_Mark Neilson

Understanding the Peripheral Nervous System

Join Mark Nielsen for a discussion on the evolutionary and developmental patterns that clarify the structural organization of the peripheral nervous system. This is the second webinar in this 4-part series on how science education has evolved in the face of new challenges.

  • Brain Circuits Driving Appetite

Brain Circuits Driving Appetite

OBESITY SERIES 2020: Lora Heisler, PhD discusses the unique brain circuits that are controllers of body weight, reviews how our genes impact our waistline and explains how obesity medications leverage basic neurobiology to reduce hunger and decrease body weight.

  • Obesity Webinar Series 2020

Obesity Webinar Series 2020

A webinar series focused on late-breaking research and discovery relating to the physiological mechanisms of obesity-related disease.

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