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X-ray computed tomography (CT) is becoming an increasingly important tool for the non-destructive characterization and inspection of the three-dimensional microstructure of various materials, products and sample types. The technique creates a three-dimensional representation of a sample/material by reconstructing cross-sectional images or ‘virtual slices’ through a sample.

In this webinar, Robert Williams, PhD, and Mark Riccio highlight the versatility of the Thermo Scientific™ HeliScan™ microCT, demonstrating the wide breadth of sample types and sizes that the instrument can characterize, such as: polymers, metals, manufactured parts, batteries, rock/porous media, electronics, bone and soft tissue (plants, insects, brain, etc). The HeliScan™ microCT creates valuable solutions by leveraging a helical scanning technique (found in clinical CT scanners) for large volume data acquisition and features a Lab6 X-ray filament for high resolution (400nm) capability.

The ease of use and high throughput of this system makes it ideal for investigations that need to identify and quantify a sample’s 3D internal structure (e.g. voids, cracks, pore networks, coatings, etc.) non-destructively. 4D structural dynamics can be studied by acquiring multiple 3D microCT datasets. Additionally, HeliScan™ microCT is an integral component of a multi-modal macro-scale to atomic-scale workflow involving focused ion beam/scanning electron microscopes and transmission electron (TEM) microscopes.

Key Topics Include:

  • Demonstrate the versatility of the HeliScan microCT for analyzing samples/materials from dense steels to battery components to low density polymers and life science samples.
  • Reveal how to obtain insights into the microstructure of large volumes of a wide variety of materials at high resolution.
  • Show a multiscale, multi-modal workflow from microCT to focused ion beam/scanning electron microscopes (FIB-SEM) to atomic-scale analysis in a transmission electron microscope (TEM).
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Assistant Director for Research and Development
Center of Electron Microscopy and Analysis
The Ohio State University

Robert E. A. Williams is the Assistant Director for Research and Development for the Center of Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS) at The Ohio State University.

Product Marketing Manager
Materials & Structural Analysis Division
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Mark Riccio is a Product Marketing Manager for X-ray microCT at Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Materials & Structural Analysis Division.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific

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