Join three experts for this technical overview of Pressure-Volume Loop collection and data analysis for cardiovascular research.

Pressure-Volume (PV) loops provide a range of hemodynamic parameters which are otherwise not readily measurable. These include changes in contractility, elastance, power, energetics, and efficiency through the assessment of both load-dependent and load-independent states. PV loops also bring with them a host of technical considerations and challenges when collecting this valuable data.

In this presentation, Cole and Nick introduce the next generation of PV loop technology with the ADV550, a system designed to innovate workflow and finally allow users to position their catheter with immediate blood volume feedback. They are joined by Dr. Tim Hacker to review his PV loop surgical workshop; an immersive, hands-on experience that covers all aspects of data collection – from catheterization techniques through to data review. Together they also announce a scholarship opportunity aimed at improving training opportunities in the PV loop space and growing the community further.

Key Topics Include:

  • The value of PV loop data for assessing contractility and ventricular remodeling in research
  • Recent advances in PV loop technology
  • The importance of proper surgical and technical training when performing PV loop data collection
  • Opportunities for professional development in the the PV loop field
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Director of Sales and Marketing
Research Division
Transonic Systems

Cole McLarty is the Director of Sales and Marketing in Transonic's Research division. He has 12 years’ experience in life sciences, and a particular interest in assessing blood pressure, blood flow, and cardiac PV loops. Cole's career is guided by the belief that meaningful research is founded on dependable technology and trustworthy support.

Product Manager and Research Sales Specialist
Research Division
Transonic Systems

Nick Glover is a Sales Specialist and Product Manager of Pressure and Pressure-Volume technology in Transonic’s Research division. Nick has spent over 10 years working in the life science and medical imaging space. He is driven by collaboration with users and implementation of measurement technologies in novel research applications.

Cardiovascular Physiology and Surgery Core Facility
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Hacker is a Senior Scientist and Director of the Cardiovascular Physiology and Surgery Core Facility at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His work at the Cardiovascular Research Core Lab facility provides researchers with surgical models of disease as well as non-invasive imaging and invasive physiologic monitoring of the disease process. Dr. Hacker has established cardiac disease models in mice, rats, rabbits, pigs, dogs and primates.

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