Scientists present a novel method of recording serial measurements of cardiac function in rodents using high-resolution ultrasound paired with implantable telemetry, permitting longitudinal study of load-independent indices and critical mechano-energetic parameters of heart function.

Scientists interested in cardiac function have historically used a myriad of techniques. Cardiac ultrasound can provide load-dependent diastolic and systolic analysis and delivers a variety of endpoints. Additionally, scientists have found value in chronic implantable telemetry for measuring left ventricular pressure and systolic pressure to get a perspective of longitudinal cardiac function.

During this webinar sponsored by Data Sciences International (DSI), Carlos Del Rio, PhD (Myokardia) presents a novel pre-clinical experimental design pairing DSI telemetry and high-resolution ultrasound to elucidate new insights of cardiac function in rats. There is significant power in the ability to serially record the same subject and track how disease progression affects cardiac function. Pairing these techniques allows conclusions to be made regarding load-independent cardiac function and mechano-energetic parameters of the heart.

In addition, Dr. Megan Fine from DSI’s Surgical Services team presents the advanced surgical model that has been developed to allow left ventricular pressure collection in rats.  Techniques that can help improve surgical success rates and telemetry signal quality are provided, and examples of optimized data are shared.  Finally, specific surgical and implant modifications that enabled concurrent collection of physiologic data from multiple telemetry implants in the same animal are explored.

  • 00:00 – 01:34: Webinar Introduction
  • 01:34 – 11:03: Left-Ventricular pressure-volume relationships [C. del Rio]
  •  11:03 – 28:47: Assessing myocardial mechano-energetics using echocardiography and LV pressure telemetry [C. del Rio]
  • 28:47 – 44:25: Surgical technique, optimization, and novel use of dual implants [M. Fine]
  • 44:25 – 52:25: Presenter Q&A Session


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Veterinary Surgeon
Data Sciences International


An electrical engineer by training, Dr. del Rio stumbled into the field of cardiac physiology and arrhythmogenesis in the late 90s, leading to doctoral work at The Ohio State University on the electronic properties of the heart, and their relationship to cardiac function in both health and disease. After research positions in both clinical (Anesthesia and Cardio-Thoracic Surgery) and pre-clinical settings, Dr. del Rio has spent the last 15 years as a safety pharmacologist advocating for in-depth cardiovascular assessments at the pre-clinical stage with a particular interest in the effects of novel therapies in translational models of disease. Current research focuses on the therapeutic avenues to address cardiac dysfunction and remodelling in disease, as well as on mechanical support, electro-mechanical and mechano-energetic interactions.

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