This webinar explores France's governance of human biological samples for research, focusing on acquisition, storage, import/export, and unique requirements in comparison to global standards.

Local legislation surrounding the sourcing of human biospecimens for research varies greatly around the world. To provide valuable insights to researchers working with human biological samples (HBS), we’re partnering up with global sourcing partners to highlight how different countries govern the sourcing process in our ongoing webinar series, “COMPLi HBS Legislation Series”.

In this episode of the series, we highlight how France governs the recruitment, collection, storage, and import/export of human biological samples (HBS) for research.

Key Topics Include:

  • Requirements for HBS acquisition (donor consent, ethics reviews, etc.) in France
  • Requirements for HBS storage (licences/audits/registrations) in France
  • Requirements for import to France/ export from France of human samples for research
  • French legislation compared to global standards
  • Additional & unique requirements on the use of human tissue in research in France


Biobank Manager
France Tissue Bank

Caroline Rancati graduated with a Master's degree in biobanking and the use of associated data. She has been working in this field for 4 years specializing in the management and coordination of projects that require the sourcing of HBS and/or associated data.

Biobank Manager
France Tissue Bank

Pauline Mespoulhé graduated with a Master's degree in biobanking and the use of associated data. Her varied profesionnal background has culminated in a comprehensive understanding of the biobanking field, particularly with regards to compliance in terms of quality and legislation.

Production Partner

France Tissue Bank

France Tissue Bank supports the scientific community by meeting the needs of research teams by providing biological resources to carry out their development with excellence. Specialised in human biological tissues and mainly in oncology, FTB meets the needs of facilities in a personalised way, by supplying FFPE blocks, white and stained histological slides, digital images, and gynaecological pap smears; providing a set of robust data related to these samples; and offering a range of tailor-made laboratory services: slide scannings, standard and specific stainings, immuno-stainings, and molecular pathology tests. Our mission is to provide genuine support for basic and applied research, France Tissue Bank is constantly adapting to the scientific and technological developments of the growing healthcare system of tomorrow. For FTB, medical discoveries are the result of collaborations between researchers, doctors, and specialists, putting their expertise at the service of science. France Tissue Bank is one of the first links in this process, providing the resources needed to grow this research.

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