During this live demonstration, you will learn how to utilize the Finapres NOVA to obtain continuous non-invasive blood pressure (hNIBP) and many other hemodynamic parameters.

We will cover everything from the basics of how the volume clamp method records the raw blood pressure, finger cuff placement, PhysioCal calibration to ensure accuracy, and a general start-up guide on the NOVA monitor. The Finapres NOVA is used in the fields of autonomic failure diagnosis, hemodynamic evaluation, exercise physiology, and more for both clinical and research purposes.

Learn how you can quickly and easily calculate important parameters such as cardiac output, total peripheral resistance, baroreflex, heart rate variability, and over 20 others.

*This demo will be exclusively available to those who attend the live event.*

Key Topics Include:

  • Benefits of continuous blood pressure over traditional methods
  • Obtain the most accurate hNIBP recordings using PhysioCal, BrachialCal, and the Height -Correction Unit
  • Correct finger cuff placement
  • Dialing in the settings of the NOVA before starting data collection


Margot Beck, BS

Application Specialist
North American Sales
ADInstruments, Inc.

Margot Beck started working for ADInstruments after studying and conducting research in the Herpetology Lab at Bucknell University. She loves being able to combine her passion for science and problem solving by working with researchers and clinicians across the Midwest to find their ideal data acquisition systems.

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