Don’t Miss a Beat: Understanding Continuous, Real Time Physiologic Monitoring

Don’t Miss a Beat: Understanding Continuous, Real Time Physiologic Monitoring

Experts discuss the importance of continuous, real-time monitoring in preclinical research, sharing case studies including using continuous EEG monitoring for sleep studies and using telemetry in Biodefense research.

During this exclusive webinar sponsored by Data Sciences International, Steve Fox, Associate Principal Scientist at Merck Research Labs, shares his experience from pharmaceutical development, discussing the importance of continuous EEG monitoring as a biomarker for CNS activity and drug discovery.  Anna Honko, Staff Scientist at NIH/NIAID, explains the importance of having access to real-time, continuous data when studying infectious diseases in non-human primates in a Biodefense setting. In addition, Dusty Sarazan, CSO at Data Sciences International, reminds viewers how and why continuous, real-time monitoring has become not only the preferred, but essential method, for acquiring and studying physiology in today’s preclinical research setting.

Key topics in this webinar include…

  • Interpreting EEG sleep/wake patterns and rhythms
  • How qEEG signatures allow for accurate clinical predictions of efficacy and CNS adverse event screening
  • Considering the FDA Animal Rule
  • Basic disease characterizations and evaluation of vaccines and therapeutics
  • Non-human primate models of viral biodefense and emerging pathogens
  • Translating pre-clinical study findings to human, clinical populations

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Anna Honko, PhD

Staff Scientist,
NIH/NIAID Integrated Research Facility

Steve Fox, BS

Associate Principal Scientist,
Merck & Co., Inc

R. Dustan Sarazan, DVM PhD

Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer,
Data Sciences International