Join Evelyn Pyper, MPH, as she discusses how PicnicHealth is using real-world data to transform neurodegeneration research.

Evelyn Pyper, MPH discusses how a patient-centered approach to real-world data collection and evidence generation can transform research in neurodegeneration. Neurodegenerative diseases often affect both motor and cognitive function, produce emotional and social changes, and require significant caregiver support, all while stretching across a fragmented healthcare ecosystem. Participatory research that directly obtains patient consent, empowers patients, and simplifies the task of linking multiple data sources, can lead to a more comprehensive capture of medical histories. This presentation briefly explores ways in which patient-centered research can improve understanding of disease diagnoses, symptomatology, and progression.

Key Topics Include:

  • The value of patient consent and patient-generated data in neurodegenerative disease research
  • The importance of using unstructured data to construct a complete picture of patient health
  • Real-world examples of how patient-centered data can improve our understanding of patient subpopulations
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Senior Evidence Strategy Manager
Life Sciences Partnerships

Evelyn Pyper is Senior Evidence Strategy Manager at PicnicHealth, a patient-centric real-world data company. Her career in RWE spans the public and private sector, and regional and global markets - most recently as Assoc. Director, Market Access at J&J GPH. Evelyn is completing her DPhil in Evidence-Based Health Care at the University of Oxford.

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PicnicHealth is giving patients unprecedented access to and control of their medical records, and with their consent, the opportunity to participate in research. Using industry leading machine learning, we deliver patient-level real-world data at scale to life sciences companies, unlocking the most complete view of real-world patient journeys.

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