Tahl Holtzman, PhD presents an in-depth tour of the latest neurotechnology for large-scale, high-resolution extracellular single unit recording combined with optogenetics in anaesthetized, head-fixed and freely behaving animals.

Neuronal ensemble recording offers gold-standard temporal resolution although it’s often seen as ‘slow, difficult, low-yield work’ with significant technical barriers to entry. Furthermore, ensemble recording when used alone is often limited to establishing correlative relationships and the lack of ease in integrating interrogative approaches, such as optogenetics, has posed additional barriers to performing experiments designed to establish causative relationships.

In this webinar, Dr. Tahl Holtzman, Founder of Cambridge NeuroTech, will describe a new generation of silicon neural probes offering dozens of recording channels in precisely spaced, high-resolution arrays, built using sophisticated fabrication techniques borrowed from the electronics industry, along with simple-to-follow surgical implantation schemes for both acute and chronic animals. You will learn how to take advantage of ultra-small chronic drives to open up scalability to span multiple brain areas in parallel and to achieve excellent chronic stability. Finally, our presenter will demonstrate integration of novel probes and drives offered by Cambridge NeuroTech with optogenetics that thereby enable your experiments to have the combined capability for measurement AND manipulation of neuronal activity in both acute and freely behaving settings.

This webinar will benefit both established electrophysiologists who wish to increase their data yield and experimental reach as well as those investigators whose expertise is centred in and around the animal behavioural, neuropharmacological, and optogenetics arenas. You will learn what silicon neural probes are and how to use them in both acute and chronic experiments, best-practice techniques for surgical implantation in species ranging from mice to monkeys and how to integrate fibre optic cannulas with your probes to enable simultaneous opto-electrophysiology. You will leave this webinar armed with the information and know-how required to deploy these versatile tools in your own lab.

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