Brian Brockway and Dr. Robert Hamlin discuss the history of wireless monitoring technology as applied in preclinical physiology, drug-discovery, and safety pharmacology and toxicology applications.

Biotelemetry is without a doubt the preferred approach for obtaining physiological measurements from animal research models in the fields of physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, drug discovery, and drug safety assessment. Naturally, the increase in application and availability of wireless measurement devices has fostered new research previously impossible, and motivated the works of many confirming the benefits of implantable telemetry over tethered and restrained animal models. This new era in implantable telemetry, where competition is more the rule than the exception, will drive down costs and expand the range of applications in life science research.

During this webinar sponsored by VivaQuant and QTest Labs, Brian Brockway reviewed the evolution of wireless technology and provided insight in to new possibilities based on recent innovations in the market place. Following, Dr. Robert Hamlin provided an in-depth review of wireless monitoring practices in physiology, drug-discovery, safety pharmacology and toxicology and discussed current industry standards for testing new therapeutic entities through wireless collection of blood pressure, ventricular pressures, blood flow and ECG measurements.

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