Deepak Sahu, MBA, explains how HEOR studies are important for generating useful effectiveness data for success of medical technologies.

Adoption, utilization, and payment of medical technologies require safety, efficacy, and effectiveness data to convince the purchaser (provider, payer, or patient). In the United States (US) healthcare system, long-term data on effectiveness is critical to maintain payer confidence in the technology and serve the population. Therefore, a well-designed Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) study is vital for generating short- and long-term effectiveness data. In addition, this webinar discusses a stepwise strategic approach to developing HEOR data for medical technology.

Key Topics Include:

  • Learn strategic approach to HEOR in medical devices
  • Understand the current framework in the US
  • Understand how HEOR is being used to convince various stakeholders including investors
  • Understand concepts through a case study
  • Analyze relevance of HEOR approach for reimbursement


Alira Health

Deepak Sahu, MBA, focuses on public health and has a strong background in healthcare solutions development. He has more than five years of strategy consulting and project management experience from engagements in Japan, US, and Europe. Deepak holds an MBA from ESB Business School in Germany and Bachelors in Computer Science. 

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Alira Health

Alira Health is an international patient-centric and technology-enabled advisory firm whose mission is to humanize healthcare. We work with healthcare and life sciences organizations looking for support across their entire solutions lifecycle, from development to medical care, through real-world evidence.

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