Experts from Cerner Enviza provide a high level overview on utilizing Electronic Health Record (EHR) clinical data to support Real World Evidence (RWE) studies.

This presentation discusses the value of using EHR data as well as linking claims and EHR data to more effectively achieve your outcomes research study objectives. The speakers present each of these datasets and the key variables that distinguish them from other research datasets, thus providing a 360 view of the patient (ambulatory, in-patient, ER). Prospective longitudinal research can also be conducted directly from the EHR. Two case studies are also presented to better illustrate this value of these datasets.

Key Topics Include:

  • Understanding the value of EHR data for performing RWE studies
  • The unique characteristics of Cerner Enviza EHR Data in the context of support studies
  • How linked EHR and claims can support studies
  • How primary data collection efforts can be linked with EHR (or claims)
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General Manager
Real World Evidence
Cerner Enviza

Andy Stankus leads the Real-World Evidence (RWE) team at Cerner Enviza. He has over 25 years of healthcare industry experience, including global markets such as Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the US. With his global track record and experience, he continues to innovate differentiated data assets and integrated solutions driving growth for global and regional clients.

General Manager, Medical Intelligence
Real World & Data Analytics
Cerner Enviza

Patricia Medina has over 20 years’ experience as a medical doctor, skilled in chronic disease management, health technology assessment, and evidence-based medicine. She is responsible for a team generating real-world evidence with secondary data sources.

Senior Evidence Generation Lead
Real World Evidence
Cerner Enviza

Jeffrey Thompson's role includes managing design, analysis, and interpretation of real-world evidence-based studies involving secondary retrospective data sources. Previously, Jeffery worked for CVS Health where he was responsible for performing start-to-finish analyses on multiple therapeutic classes.

Clinical Development, Regulatory and Safety Products
Cerner Enviza

Ryan Moog is responsible for setting vision and driving strategy for Cerner Enviza's clinical research solutions, industry partnerships, and client relationships across the provider, academic, and Life Sciences industries. He leads teams focused on evolving Cerner's platform for collaborative research and data science, and in 2019 helped found the Learning Health Network (LHN).

Production Partner

Cerner Enviza

By combining decades of innovation, life sciences knowledge and collaborative research, Cerner Enviza provides data-driven solutions and expertise that helps bring remarkable clarity to life sciences’ and healthcare’s most important decisions.

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