How to Plan and Execute Contractile Measurements in Permeabilized Muscle Fibers

How to Plan and Execute Contractile Measurements in Permeabilized Muscle Fibers

Join Matt Borkowski and Dr. Tim West for this informative webinar covering the A-to-Z of assessing muscle performance and contractile function in single muscle fibers.


Assessing contractile function in single muscle fibers is an advanced experimental assay that can provide extremely useful data about muscle performance and the underlying mechanisms of muscle contraction commonly observed in basic physiology, molecular biology, cardiology and comparative physiology. 

During this webinar sponsored by Aurora Scientific, Matt Borkowski gives an overview of the instrumentation and standard protocols used in elucidating the functionality of myofilament proteins to assess significant muscle fiber properties like power output, cross-bridge cycling and calcium sensitivity. Following, Dr. Tim West covered how to isolate and prepare single permeabilized muscle fibers to properly utilize this technique to measure these properties, along with how to analyze the data obtained from the assay. This is an essential resource for anyone endeavouring to study muscle fiber mechanics.

Key topics covered during this webinar include…

  • Basic operating principles and theory of required instrumentation
  • Understanding when and how to apply standard experimental protocols
  • How to prepare samples for experimentation
  • Analyzing real data and discussing the conclusions it provides
  • Curve fitting procedures to determine peak power

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Timothy West, PhD
Chief Technician and Laboratory Manager,
Royal Veterinary College

Dr. West began his research career in the field of animal energetics in the laboratories of Prof. E.T. Garside at Dalhousie University (MSc) and Prof. P.W. Hochachka at the University of British Columbia (PhD). His work as a research associate with Dr. R.G. Boutilier (Cambridge, Zoology) and as a research fellow with Prof’s N.A. Curtin, R.C. Woledge and M.A. Ferenczi (Imperial College London, Molecular Medicine) focused on the regulation of muscle energy turnover at rest, during hypoxic hypo-metabolism, and during contraction in skeletal and cardiac muscle. Currently, Dr. West is the Lab Manager in the Structure & Motion Laboratory, Royal Veterinary College, where his primary research focus is on relating whole muscle energetics and single fibre mechanics to animal locomotion.

Matthew Borkowski
Sales Manager,
Aurora Scientific Inc.

Matthew Borkowski is a biomedical engineer and a graduate of the University of Toronto. He has been involved in product design and customer support at Aurora Scientific for over 10 years.  Today, he spends much of his time in the lab consulting with scientists, assisting with novel application of Aurora Scientific instruments in various disciplines, including muscle, tendon, and connective tissue research.  To learn more about the instrumentation and application areas that Aurora Scientific serves, visit their website.