Dr. Thomas Scullion discusses how to leverage NHP exploratory toxicology studies to guide and explore lead optimization, dosing paradigms, and future GLP studies.

The clinical toxicity of immunotherapy can be unpredictable, often deviating from preclinical research in rodent models. On the other hand, in-vivo research using NHP models to assess immunotoxicity is far more translational, much of the risk out of clinical trials.

In this webinar sponsored by CrownBio, Dr. Thomas Scullion will discuss how to leverage NHP exploratory toxicology studies to inform lead optomization, dosing paradigms and GLP studies. Dr. Scullion will also highlight the translational relevance of NHP models for immunotoxicity research.

Key Topics Include:

  • How to design and implement flexible non-GLP NHP exploratory toxicology studies to answer multiple developmental questions, including dosing regimen and immunogenicity endpoints
  • How to incorporate in vitro assays using NHP and clinical samples to evaluate immune marker expression prior to starting a study
  • How NHPs provide a more translational preclinical model for elucidating immune-related toxicity
  • How to leverage exploratory NHP toxicology studies to assess immunotherapy safety, and de-risk future clinical trials
  • Learning how you can exploit the advantages of early immuno-safety screens in NHPs in order to de-risk clinical trials
  • Identifying and mitigating cytokine release syndrome in early-stage preclinical development
  • Developing immunotherapies and optimizing preclinical immuno-safety data


Senior Director of Business Development

Dr. Thomas Scullion has extensive experience guiding clients’ early drug discovery work through to clinical trials. At CrownBio, he specializes in pharmacology, toxicology, and bioanalytics using translational animal models. Thomas holds a PhD in Neuropharmacology, and previously worked at Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services Limited and Charles River Laboratories.

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