Join Renee Willmon, MSc as she demonstrates Health Storylines as a disease-agnostic and customizable platform that connects healthcare stakeholders to engaged patients.

There is often a conflict between the protocol requirements to efficiently demonstrate endpoints in the clinical development stage, relative to the accurate characterization of real-world target patient populations. Renee will demonstrate several technology and data-enabled approaches to capturing relevant data in parallel with clinical development to set up Market Access teams for success as early as possible.

Key Topics Include:

  • Introduce methodology to prospectively collect patient-reported data in parallel to phase 3 clinical studies
  • Demonstrate the complementarity of existing forms of RWD/RWE with patient reported data
  • Highlight the benefit of a patient-centric approach and generation of patient journey data to contextualize real world patterns of care


Senior Director, Evidence & Outcomes
Global Market Access
Self Care Catalysts, an Alira Health Company

A results-driven leader with a successful track record of innovating in the health sector through research, Renee has a passion for identifying and facilitating synergies between research and business. While data drives today's digital world, analysis doesn't always lead to insight. Renee leverages disparate and unexpected sources of data to align research questions with business objectives, and ultimately provides compelling and actionable answers, especially in the areas of Patient Focused Drug Development, Digital Health, and the application of Behavioral Science for Patient Engagement.

Production Partner

Self Care Catalysts, an Alira Health Company

Our Health Storylines Platform is a trusted companion for patients throughout their journey, generating real world evidence along the way. We empower patients to own their role as health consumers, equipping members of the healthcare ecosystem with insight into the real life experiences that drive health outcomes, and facilitating relationships with the partners who will help achieve their goals.

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