A webinar for academic researchers and professionals interested in the integration of gaze behavior measurements with physiological monitoring in both screen-based and interactive, mobile applications.

Combining eye tracking data with physiological signals offers detailed insights into the correlation of gaze behavior and physiological response. However, this task presents a myriad of challenges to the researcher who must consider how to successfully integrate hardware and ensure accurate collection of measurements in a central acquisition platform. Additional layers of complexity can be added, for instance when human behavior is to be studied in real-life, interactive settings. The goal of this webinar is therefore to present the different types of applications and discuss specific hardware and software considerations for successful integration of eye tracking with physiological signals.

In this exclusive webinar sponsored by, BIOPAC Systems and SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI), experts present user case studies to demonstrate new research capabilities made possible by the plug & play integration of eye tracking technology with physiological recording systems. Dr. Meike Mischo provides an overview of eye tracking application types and important considerations pertaining to the integration with physiological measurements such as GSR, HR and ECG. Following, Frazer Findlay presents key considerations in recording and analyzing physiological data, showing a live demonstration of a screen-based study. In closing, Dr. Arnd Rose presents a user case study for mobile eye tracking applications using examples from the study of human factors.

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Product Manager, Scientific Eye Tracking
SensorMotoric Instruments

BIOPAC Systems, Inc

Frazer Findlay is CEO of BIOPAC and has more than 25 years’ experience in life science data acquisition and analysis. Frazer is a well-regarded expert in the physiology monitoring industry and has facilitated workshops around the world. He is familiar with a variety of software, equipment, and laboratory protocols for a wide array of signals and measurements.

Product Manager, Mobile Eye Tracking
SensorMotoric Instruments

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BIOPAC Systems Inc.

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