An expert from AstraZeneca will discuss the use of antibody drugs, how they function and the different techniques used to characterize them in the drug development process.

This is the fourth of five events in the Bruker COVID-19 Webinar Series.

During this webinar, Dr. Maurizio Muroni from Astra Zeneca, will deliver an introduction on what antibodies are, their structure and an overview of some of the analytical techniques used for their structural characterization.



Dr. Maurizio Muroni was born in Sardinia where he gained a Laurea in Chimica, from University of Sassari, with a thesis on “Cyclic peptides (D, L alternate): synthesis, conformational analysis and molecular modelling”. Following, he moved to Cardiff where he graduated from a PhD in Biochemistry, Cardiff University – School of Chemistry, with a thesis on “ Rational design of artificial enzymes. After his PhD, Maurizio moved to London for an Industry based post doc between PolyTherics (now Abzena) and the School of Pharmacy, developing mass spectrometric methods for the characterization of PEGylated proteins. After two years he joined PolyTherics as Team Leader of Analytical Chemistry. And from 2014, he has been working at MedImmune/AstraZeneca as scientist working on the characterization of therapeutics protein in the Physiochemical Development team.

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