Join us for this virtual demo, as Chris Adams introduces Columbus Instruments' Comprehensive Lab Animal Monitoring System (Oxymax-CLAMS).

Oxymax-CLAMS incorporates sub-systems for open circuit calorimetry, activity, body mass, feeding, drinking, food access control, running wheel, urine collection, sleep detection, body core temperature and heart rate in an optional environmental chamber.

Operation of Oxymax-CLAMS and data collection is performed by an integrated program, and the resulting data sets can be exported to your existing data analysis tools. All data can also be reviewed graphically & numerically in real-time during collection, and provides fully automated operation for experiments lasting up to three days.

NOTE: This virtual demonstration is exclusively available to those who attend the live event.

Key Topics Include:

  • Essential measurements and best practices for metabolic phenotyping
  • How the 25-year evolution of Oxymax-CLAMS has shaped the art of metabolic measurements
  • Exclusive features and capabilities of Oxymax-CLAMS
  • A glimpse into the future of Oxymax-CLAMS
  • After-sales services and resources to position our customers for long-term success


Chris Adams

Sales Manager
Columbus Instruments

Production Partner

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