An educational webinar for researchers interested in laser confocal endomicroscopy, including fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge and a discussion on key capabilities and research applications of the technology.

A preclinical research scientist is always caught in the dilemma of resolution versus invasiveness of the procedure. Although advanced microscopes can deliver resolution in nanometre scale, they can be highly invasive and require extensive sample preparation, which may induce severe artifacts. Unlike microscopy, imaging modalities such as PET, SPECT and MRI are non-invasive allowing scientists to capture real-time images of organ architecture. However, they suffer from poor resolution and the structural details of the tissues are always missed. Hence, a preclinical imaging scientist compromises either on resolution or selects a terminal procedure for microscopy with extensive sample preparation.

Laser confocal endomicroscopy (LCE) is the technology that bridges the gap and delivers the best of both worlds. Its confocal principle offers cellular resolution while probe-based endoscopic imaging facilitates real-time in vivo imaging of tissues with minimal invasiveness. The nickname of “virtual histology” is fitting, as it captures real-time microscale images comparable to histology. LCE is a cutting-edge imaging modality with endless possibilities, and numerous research groups are exploring this tool for their preclinical imaging needs.

In this live webinar hosted by Scintica Instrumentation, Dr. Mohammedayaz Rangrez provides scientists with theoretical and practical knowledge of the FIVE2 (ViewnVivo) and its preclinical research applications. This webinar features a hands-on demonstration, imaging in different tissue types, Z sectioning and other key capabilities of the system. Participants will also learn about FIVE2 (ViewnVivo) software features, its integration with ImageJ, and 3-D video capture of tissue architecture.



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